Dear Parents

WELCOME to another new skating season, full of fun and learning all phases of the sport of figure skating (Free Skating, Dance, Skills, Interpretive, Syncro, and Power Skating). I hope to build confidence through personal challenges and successes, plus long term participation by developing positive life skills. Hopefully, this information letter will answer some of your questions on bookkeeping, professional fees, on ice training and off ice training.

ABOUT ME I have been teaching since 1974. I am a fully certified Level III coach with 3 components to my level IV certification completed. I am Canskate certified, CanPower Certified and Special Olympic certified. I volunteer as a Western Section Mentor coach, am Police BackCheck qualified (2014), First Aid 2017, CEP gold status (2014), from Skate Canada for 5 consecutive years, Gold Free skate, Skills Class #1 and Competitive Gold skills, Gold Dance, Senior competitor. I also hold American Silver Medals consisting of Seventh figure and free skating test as well as USFSA Senior Silver Dance tests. I was the Hallwent coach representative (of 17 clubs in the Hallwent region) for 4 years and WOS coach’s representative (for all Western Ontario) also for 4 years.  I teach all disciplines of skating full time, plus run The Power Skating Skill School for hockey (20 years).


Coaches can play an important role in shaping the skater’s attitude and dedication towards skating as well as their personal values, such as sportsmanship, discipline and work ethics. Coaches give separate lessons for each skating discipline.

The coach has two agreements to offer.

1. To be the BASE COACH (main coach provider of all skating criteria/training decisions).

2. To be an ENHANSEMENT COACH (who works alongside of any base coach to give the extra time/expertise to help the base coach to provide progressive learning and reinforcement each students’ needs.

 The cost of lessons varies with each coach due to NCCP certification plus years of coaching experience.  Most lessons last 15 minutes and can be taught in private (one–on-one) or semi-private (2-3 skaters) per group share lesson time plus cost. Skaters usually need 4 lessons per week to reach their goals of - 1 free skating test, 1 skill test – 1 dance test and to land some double jumps for criteria over a period of time for confidence/consistency building. The skaters’ responsibility is to make the most of the resources put before them and build an “Action Plan” always making their day their BEST day, Expecting positive outcomes, DAILY. Treating their tasks as opportunities utilizing their talents with a positive outcome each session.

As your BASE COACH it is my responsibility to design and implement a yearlong plan that will meet the athletes’ needs. Skaters will be provided with handouts and other training materials as deemed appropriate to assist them in attaining their goals. It is mandatory for the skater to be on time and stay on the full session allocated by the clubs scheduling, plus work diligently/independently on their own on all lesson material when outside their lessons. You get more personal success out of your training when you positively commit to doing your best each day.

TRAINING There are two main parts to training. On ice training and off ice training. If the skating club offers off ice training throughout the week I expect everyone to attend the classes provided. I am also a big believer in jazz, ballet and gymnastics. It clearly improves the way a skater looks on the ice. Core Strength maintains balance and tight air positions for jumping. Balance provides stability and injury prevention, Flexibility provides a greater range of motion to perform with, Strength increases speed, height and stable landings.

FEES Rate per lessons

Lesson fee - per 15 minute lesson is $12.50 +HST (25.00 + HST for 30 minutes)

Group rate

30 min - 2 skater group - 10 min dance, 10 min skill, 10 min stroke or spins = $13.50 + HST each skater.

30 min - 3 skater group - 10 min dance, 10 min skill, 10 min stroke or spins = $10.00 + HST each skater.

30 min - 4 skater group - 10 min dance, 10 min skill, 10 min stroke or spins = $ 8.00 + HST each skater.

If you are interested in group lessons, please talk to me to see what we can arrange.

Extra lessons are always available at different times and can be discussed at any time at your local club or shinny ice during the day.

PLEASE!!!!! If you have to miss a lesson, call or text at least two hours ahead of time. MISSED lessons with no call or text will be charged the entire lesson fee. Bills are due in full on the date received. I generally send statements by email. Statements that are not paid in full will be carried forward to the next billing statement with a $10.00 late fee. Frequency of billing is every 3 to 4 weeks. You can pay by cash, check or electronic bank transfer from your bank.

FEES For Related Services (Music editing, partnering, and coaching at competitions)

Test days - There is a test fee to try each test $10.00 from the club plus a hospitality fee $5.00 to try each test.

My professional fee is $15.00 per Dance test + partnering included.

If partnered by a male partner on test day his partnering a test fee is separate and paid directly to male dance coach before test is tried plus my fee $10.00 for base coaching of test.

Free Skate Tests - $20.00 (all levels)

Skill Tests - $20.00 (all levels)

Interpretive tests - $20.00 (all levels)

Competitions - When competitions occur the charge will be different every time. It depends on where the competition is located and how many skaters that are participating in the event. If needed I will be charging for (missed lessons while at the competition) mileage, flight (if needed) hotel (if needed) meals. Each skater will be charged per event they enter.


Skaters are encouraged to provide me with music preferences or a guideline of the music they would love to create and skate to. Cost of the music editing will be dependent on the length of solos required by Skate Canada test level and length of time needed for each solo. Music is provided in the form of 2 CD’s one for practice, one for back, up-test days and competitions. Skate Canada guidelines are $25.00 for the first 1 minute of music followed by an extra $5.00 for each additional 30 second of music. I will be following these guidelines but will also include an extra cost if skater has lost CD or needs additional back up CD’s.

Wrap –up
Thanks for your time and attention. I know this is a lot of information. Again, I am looking forward to working with you and if you ever need to talk to me, please do not hesitate to call, text my cell or email me. Emailing or texting is probably the best way to contact me as I check my emails and texts several times per day. I hope we have a successful and rewarding year full of tons of fun and many memorable moments. JJJJ!!!!


Moni Johnson (coach)

174 Bastille Street

Hamilton Ontario


Email: skates@quickclic.net

Email: moni.skates@gmail.com

Web site: www.sk8canada.ca


Home phone # (905) 387-9374

Cell phone # (905) 527-7327